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AR overview

Augmented reality (AR) is an interactive experience of a real-world environment where the real world is enhanced by computer-generated objects. Social media apps have brought AR to the masses in fun and accessible ways. This area has huge potential for engagement and can really help elevate your brand or event to the next level.

Highlight reel of some AR projects I have developed.

AR Effect types

Face Trackers
These effects track up to 4 users faces at a time, with endless possibilities for creativity; face paint, head gear, glasses, masks, jewellery, colour changes, background face deformation to name a few. I can integrate these effects with your branding, games, audio and more to create a truly unique and engaging experience.

Target Trackers
This type of effect uses a real world object as a trigger. This could be a logo, poster, wall mural, album cover - you name it. When the camera finds the target it can trigger an animation, a song, a 3D map, again the possibilities are huge.

Key Takeaways

An innovative engagement tool to empower your brands social presence, AR should be a go-to for your social marketing strategy. Previously achieved figures of ~300k Impressions in 3 days show just how effective this can be! Get in touch today and join these teams with your own custom AR effect:

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