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Project overview

Lollapalooza is an iconic music festival seeing the worlds best artists play for 400,000+ fans over four days in the centre of Chicago. The production team requested a live activation which fans could engage with throughout the weekend. A tower of LED panels was used to create a live photo booth interaction with augmented reality effects.

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The problem

Lollapalooza has a huge international reputation, and often sees a high percentage of repeat attendees. The challenge they face each year is to bring new, fun & engaging attractions for the fans to interact with outside of the live performances.

Business & design goals

EngageCreate an interactive experience which would engage fans and give them a fun, memorable interaction. Fans should stop and be willing to wait in line to interact.

Keep Lollapalooza at the forefront of fan engagement with new technologies such as Augmented Reality. Deliver an experience that fans won't have seen before.


As mentioned before, there are a lot of return attendees for this festival, with a primarily young demographic. The solution had to be novel and original to impress and engage these fans.

lolla fans

Augmented Reality Build

Once augmented reality had been decided upon as the engagement feature, I used Spark AR™ for development. This is the AR software built by facebook for use in Instagram and Facebook camera.  This development platform gave Lollapalooza the option to publish the effect to these apps for fans all over the world to use. This engagement was sold to an eyewear sponsor for the event, so naturally the ideation process was based around glasses. A multi-face effect with different festival style sunglasses got the green light from the festival and sponsors, and I added a frame with eyes that follow the user around to give the LED tower a bit of personality.

Lolla Spark AR build image
The completed build featuring 4 face trackers and frame animation.

Photo Microsite

An additional layer of interactivity was built into this effect. The tower captures photos when the fan holds a smile for 3 seconds, and uploads it to a microsite. A code displays on screen for the fan to retrieve their snap which they can download and share as they please.

lolla camera codelolla camera code
Fans after taking their automated picture.

The microsite was built to match the brand style used on the photo booth in order to provide a cohesive experience. This was a mobile-first design but it was crucial that it would function equally well on desktop for fans who wanted to access their photos this way when they returned home after the event.
It was inevitable that the festival goers would sometimes forget their code or miss it on screen as they were caught up in the festival atmosphere. Therefore, I introduced an option to search via day and time period rather than by code. There was also a report option that a fan could use to flag an image for moderators to remove.

microsite mockup image
Photo booth gallery microsite.

Key takeaways

Augmented reality is a huge opportunity for standing out from the crowd and can result in massive engagement numbers. Over the four days of the festival, there were lines ~80% of the time, and over 8,000 photos taken.

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