Ronan Hand Design Consultancy is a Dublin 🇮🇪 based full-service design agency. Our agency works with industry leaders, innovative eCommerce brands, international firms and growing businesses to create simple, impactful, and effective digital solutions.

A skyline photo of Dublin City, Ireland
Ronan Hand Designer

Meet the Team 👋

Ronan is the founder and Lead Designer with 7+ years empowering experiences through design, anywhere from digital to print & on-site engagements. His formal education is in Product Design, where he earned a First Class Honours Degree at the Technological University of Dublin. He has comprehensive professional experience in graphic, UX & UI, web design and strategic planning.

Outside of the design world you can find him enthusiastically working on some questionable DIY, or doing his best to enjoy the Irish sea.

Ronan Hand

Awards 🏆

Top UX Agency

Western Europe

International James Dyson Award


Enterprise Ireland - New Frontiers


Accenture Leaders of Tomorrow


Global Youth Leaders Summit (Hong Kong)


Enable Ireland Community Award


Enterprise Ireland Entrepreneurship Award


Universal Design Grand Challenge

2nd Place

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