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What's Kraken?


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Project overview

What's Kraken is an industry news and insights platform for Sports, Music & Entertainment. I did the full development of the project including brand creation, web & mobile interface design and marketing assets.

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The problem

Through their work in market analysis and advertising, the client had amassed many valuable insights and knew the state of the industry inside and out; an outlet was needed to share this knowledge and bring more attention to the business.

Business & design goals

It was important to show off the depth of knowledge and key insights in order to further establish the title of "Industry Expert". This would lead to a more trusted and reliable corporate personality.

DistillA lot of the competition in this space engage in heavy content pushing strategies and overload their outlets. The goal was to share distilled, concise information, and the design was to be minimal in order to mirror that sentiment.


Independent Brand There had to be a new brand implemented into this website so as to provide some differentiation from the parent brand and its blog. The new brand had to reference the same design language, but at the same time have it's own identity.

Design Office Dublin Agency


The brand name chosen by the client was "What's Kraken?", a play on the term which referenced the octopus theme used for the parent brand. The goal for the identity was to make it engaging, bold and dynamic.

New brand identity design
The final brand identity presentation.

Web Design

Throughout the web design process the main thing kept in mind was to remain minimal while also providing sufficient content to function as a news interface. In keeping with current trends a dark mode was chosen for the UI, with soft tones and shadows. The navigation was divided into articles and video content.

what's kraken web designs
Web design mockups.

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